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Pro X is a full-service property management company serving Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri (click here to see all areas). We have been proudly providing property management services to single-family homes, multi-family homes, and mobile home parks since 2009.

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Discover top-notch property management services in Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas at Pro X. With a track record of excellence since 2009, we've assisted numerous landlords in optimizing their earnings. Our tailored strategies are crafted to streamline property ownership, allowing you to relish the benefits of passive income without the hassle.

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As a full-service property management company, there’s an extensive list of property management services that we’ll carry out with care and attention to detail in order to help your rental property thrive.
Our services are customizable—based on your investment goals and the unique traits that your property has to offer.

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At Pro X, we have an extensive record of success in managing rental properties. Through our experience managing hundreds of rental properties, we’ve developed proven methods of selecting the best available tenants, keeping units well-maintained, and providing clear, comprehensive financial records.

Our use of state-of-the-art technology and attentive service helps to give our clients an advantage over other local property managers.

Because of our experience in the local market, we have built a network of skilled contractors in the area who provide the best services at the lowest available rates. That’s just another advantage of deciding to work with Pro X.

At Pro X, we know that effective communication is the key to any successful real estate investment or business relationship. We guarantee speedy communication at every turn for landlords and tenants alike. Your tenants will be glad to be living in expertly-managed units, leading to lower rates of turnover, higher degrees of satisfaction, and successful long-term relationships.

Do you want to take your rental property in the Southeast Kansas area to the next level? Drop us a line by phone at (620) 249-5767 or send us an email at

We’d love the opportunity to tell you more about our esteemed property management services and how they can benefit you.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Overall, our experience with Pro X was very good. They were reasonable with their pet policy (which is hard to find), and Appfolio made is very easy to pay rent and send maintenance requests. Definitely a great rental experience, and we've enjoyed the 2 years at our apartment.

Samantha Q.

Past Pro X Resident

Pro X bought the apartments we lived in after only living there for around 6 months. My husband and I lived there around 3 years. Anytime something was broken they fixed it in a timely manner. I bought a home and just moved out, it took less than a week to get my deposit back from them. We left the house move in ready, and they gave me my full deposit back. They emailed me a packet of what to have cleaned to get my deposit back which helped a lot! Their receptionist was always very nice and patient, she always was so nice to me when I called. I had a good experience with them, soooo much better than my previous landlord. I heard negatives about Pro X, but in 3 years I never had a bad experience with them, I highly recommend them. I lived there for 3 years. I didn't have pets. Non-smokers. I used their list on how to get deposit back and made sure all of it was done. I hope all of this helps! Clean your place, don't leave it trashed, and use the packet they give you on how to clean your apartment and you will be fine!

Kim B.

Past Pro X Resident

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