Unbeatable Property Management in Southeast Kansas

Since 2009, the team at Pro X has been providing high-quality property management services to clients in Southeast Kansas. Property owners in Pittsburg and other surrounding cities and towns have benefited from our attention to detail, as well as our commitment to effective communication and transparency.


At Pro X, we know what it takes to succeed in the area’s rental property landscape. We’ll pull out all the stops in helping your real estate investment dreams become a reality. There’s a reason we’ve been able to grow into the largest property management company in Southeast Kansas, currently managing over 700 properties.

When you choose to work with Pro X, you’ll be choosing a property management company that has expertise handling every aspect of running the necessary day-to-day tasks associated with a rental property. We’re deeply knowledgeable about how to navigate the local rental market and what renters in the area are looking for.

Benefits of Choosing Pro X

Because each property owner has a unique set of expectations and goals, we approach every property we manage on its own terms. For example, certain landlords want to set their own pet policies or prefer to work with certain vendors, which we are happy to accommodate.

Sometimes our clients come to us with large scale requests, such as changing the entire character of a building they manage. We relish the opportunity to take on big projects for our clients, and always complete each task with the professionalism and attention to detail we’ve become known for


The Pro X advantage is based on a combination of cutting-edge property management technology and good old fashioned values to provide efficient, personalized services. When you work with Pro X, we’ll always treat your cherished property investment as though it were our own.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the top benefits of choosing to work with Pro X:

We’ll find the best available local renters.

When you own a rental property, filling vacancies in a timely fashion is essential. After all, when your units sit empty, you won’t be generating rental income, but you’ll still incur expenses, such as taxes, upkeep costs, and more.

property management services

While we take all the necessary steps to fill your units as quickly as possible, we also recognize that it’s deeply important to find the best tenants available in the area. After all, a landlord-tenant relationship can last for years.

We’ll ensure you have the best available tenants occupying your units by conducting thorough screening procedures. Because we manage more than 700 properties, we have a proven record of picking tenants using criteria that demonstrate a history of paying rent on time, leaving rental units in good condition, and acting in a responsible way.

We’ll provide detailed updates every step of the way.

At Pro X, we’re dedicated to keeping you fully in the loop when it comes to how your property is performing. When you have full access to data and reports that pertain to your property, you’ll have the power to request any changes you see fit.

We give our clients frequent updates regarding the financial performance of their rental properties. We’ll provide monthly financial reports that can be customized to suit your investment goals. Previous months’ reports will be available for you to view whenever it’s convenient for you, using the online portal we provide.


We’ll effectively promote your units.

The successful promotion of rental units is based on a combination of eye-catching visuals and clearly presented information. These days, renters looking for new homes sift through dozens at a time, looking for a place that stands out and offers the potential for a high quality of life.

We’ll get your property looking its best so that it’s ready for the rental market. Whether that means a fresh coat of paint, fixing chips and dings, providing cleaning services, or organizing more substantive repairs, we can help your property shine.

We’ll take high-quality photographs and write clear, detailed property listings. We’ll post these on the rental websites and databases that local renters use most, in addition to our own website.

We’ll handle your rental payments.

If you hire a property management company that isn’t transparent and efficient, it can be worrying to wonder if your rent is being effectively collected and processed on your behalf.

At Pro X, we provide effective rent collection services. Tenants have the ability to make their payments online using the portal we provide access to. Your rental income will automatically appear in your bank account each month through direct deposit.

You’ll be able to track your rental income and expenses easily any time you want using your owners’ portal. That makes it quick and easy to check in on your rental payments.

We’ll ensure your property is expertly maintained.

There are a number of benefits to effective property maintenance. Good maintenance makes your property attractive to prospective tenants. It also benefits your current tenants, who will appreciate that their home is well taken care of.


To make sure the properties we manage are well-maintained and looking their best, we have a large network of reliable and professional contractors whose services we enlist. The contractors we work with allow us to respond to tenant maintenance and repair requests right away.

The high volume of business that we provide to local contractors means that we’re often able to get discounted rates on maintenance, and we pass those savings along to you. Because our property management services are fully customizable, landlords can choose to work with contractors they know and trust, if preferred.

About Pro X

Pro X is a full-service property management company that has been serving the Southeast Kansas area since 2009. We have experience profitably managing a wide range of different property types, including single family, multi-family, and more.


Our team has more than fifty years of experience in property management and real estate. We know that no two rental properties are alike, and neither are the particular goals of any two property investors. That’s why we tailor our services to the needs of each client on a case-by-case basis, to ensure we find solutions that work for you.

Ready for effective, stress-free property management services? Get in touch with the friendly team of experts at Pro X today and we’ll tell you more about the services we can provide to help your rental property thrive.