Property Management in Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas

At Pro X Property Management, we take pride in helping property owners succeed in their investment goals while also providing excellent homes to tenants in Southeast Kansas. Our team of property management experts is driven to always find ways to make our clients’ real estate investments profitable and stress-free.

During our years of experience in the Southeast Kansas area, we’ve found that the key to providing exemplary property management services is maintaining a close attention to detail.

There are plenty of responsibilities involved in running a rental property. Our hands-off approach means we’ll unburben you of all of these tasks.

Our esteemed property management services range from preparing units for the market, to marketing your property, to finding the best available tenants, to providing maintenance services, to facilitating excellent tenant relationships. And that is just a sample of the services we provide.

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We’d be pleased to explain the range of property management services we can provide.

Pro X’s Professional Property Management Services

At Pro X, we’ve been providing excellent property management services to our clients since 2009. Our team has more than fifty years of combined experience in both property management and real estate services.

We’re able to put our substantial experience and knowledge to work for our clients to help their rental properties thrive.

Because of our high standards of professionalism and service, our company has continued to grow to the point that we now manage more than 700 properties in Southeast Kansas. That means we have experience managing a wide range of property types, for owners with a wide range of investment goals.

Our property management services are fully customizable to suit our clients’ needs. Here are some of the property management services we offer to clients:

Advertising Your Units

These days, more and more people are searching for housing online. Prospective renters use a combination of social media, listings sites like Craigslist, dedicated rental sites, and property management websites. We effectively advertise on each of these platforms to ensure your property is reaching the eyes of all quality tenants in the area.


There are a number of factors that came into play when it comes to effective property marketing. We use a combination of professional photography, snappy descriptions, and expert listing placement to ensure our listings are eye-catching and informative for prospective tenants.

Because of our experience in Southeast Kansas, we’ve built a reputation for being one of the area’s best property management companies. Renters looking for housing in the area often head to our website, where we feature the properties of our clients.

Screening Your Rental Applicants

One of the most important benefits an experienced property management company can provide is sorting through your prospective tenants to find those who will treat your property with care and respect.

In our more than a decade in the Southeast Kansas area, we’ve developed proven strategies to minimize the chance of problem tenants. We’ll complete background checks of your rental applicants to find those who have a history of respecting the units they’ve lived in.

We’ll select tenants that have a proven ability to pay the rent on time and communicate effectively. In order to do so, we’ll conduct an income verification as well as background and credit checks. We’ll also contact your applicants’ previous landlords, to verify their conduct.

When you’re a rental property owner, finding long-term tenants can help you save on turnover costs. When you have friendly tenants that you can communicate with effectively, everything is simpler. That’s why we’re driven to complete the best possible background checks of your applicants.

Handling Rent Payments

For property management companies with insufficient experience or attention to detail, collecting rent payments can turn into a major headache. Whether it’s setting the right rent amount, tracking down late or missing payments, or keeping finances organized, it’s important to be scrupulous at every step.


The Pro X team are experts at setting the perfect rent amounts, collecting rent on time, and keeping our clients organized, which is particularly important when tax time rolls around.

One of the ways we keep landlords and tenants organized is by providing convenient access to an online portal.

We’ve found that providing convenient payment methods is a great way to encourage tenants to make timely payments, which is why we give them the ability to pay from wherever they are, from the convenience of their smartphones

Maintaining Your Property

As property owners ourselves, we know how important it is to you that your property is kept in excellent shape. Providing top-notch upkeep and maintenance services is essential both for ensuring your property’s value grows and for making sure tenants are satisfied.

At Pro X, we give tenants the ability to submit maintenance requests on the online portal. This is a great way to stay organized and ensure issues are taken care of in a speedy fashion. We have relationships with local contractors who can provide expert services at the best rates

Sending Financial Reports

When you choose to work with Pro X, you’re choosing a property management company with extensive experience maximizing the profitability of clients. You’ll benefit from the peace of mind of our hands-off approach for owners, and you’ll also be able to monitor exactly how your investment is performing.


We’ll send you monthly reports that clearly display your revenue, expenses, and all other information that’s pertinent to your investment. Our reports are customizable, which means we can modify their contents to suit your investment goals.

The Pro X Advantage

Pro X is an established property management presence in Southeast Kansas. Our team has decades of experience in both property management and real estate. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our services to the needs of our clients, going above and beyond to help them achieve their investment dreams.


Our award-winning property management services can put you and your property on the fast-track to success. Our expertise and attention to detail have made us stand out in the local market, which is how we’ve become the largest property manager in the area, with hundreds of properties under our management.

Ready to partner with an esteemed property management company? Reach out today and we’ll explain how we can help you and your property investment thrive.