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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Neosho, MO? If so, then consider Pro X Property Management!

Having started in 2009, our mission is to reduce the worries of property owners by offering the full range of property management services. We handle all the stress-inducing tasks such as finding a high-caliber tenant, marketing your vacant Neosho rental home and ensuring you receive your monthly passive income.

Whatever type of rental home is in your portfolio, be it a single-family rental property or a multi-family property, Pro X Property Management can be trusted to take over the reins of management on your behalf.

Founded in Joplin, Missouri, Pro X Property Management is continually growing our professional skills and experience in the property management industry. Our deep passion for serving our clients has led to us managing 700 properties. We enjoy delivering full satisfaction and want to create peace of mind for you.

So, why wait? Contact Pro X Property Management at (620) 249 5767 and we’ll help you reach your financial goals for your Neosho rental home.

Pro X Property Management Services

Easily customizable, you can apply for the services you need the most for your Neosho rental home. Whether you need help in attracting renters, collecting rent regularly, maintaining your home or screening tenants, we are fully on board and armed with our property management expertise.

neosho property management services

As our valued client, you’ll enjoy the following service benefits:

1. Skilled Marketing of Your Rental Property

If you’re new in the rental business, you need all the help you can get for your Neosho rental unit. Marketing requires multiple resources in terms of people and marketing ideas. With Pro X Property Management strategizing, you’ll find tenants in no time.

We create beautiful and professional photos and videos that can catch the eye of potential renters. Moreover, we know the distribution channels to use for the widest pool of tenants. Our marketing approach is based on our many years of concrete experience in the property management industry.

2. Diligent Tenant Screening Process

Without experience, tenant screening can be challenging for your Neosho rental unit. Aside from the time factor, you need to consider your approach. Are you able to confidently ring up previous landlords to inquire about a prospective tenant’s rental history? Do you know the crucial information to focus on? Are you well-versed when it comes to the Fair Housing Act?

Pro X Property Management simplifies tenant screening for you. We’ll review their credit score, conduct proper verification for employment and income, and check the past rental behavior. We also ensure that the tenant who’ll occupy your Neosho rental home is responsible and has no criminal history nor an eviction or bankruptcy history.

3. Efficient Rent Collection

One of the ways that property owners can compromise their passive income is inefficient rent collection. By partnering with Pro X Property Management, you’ll bypass this common landlord problem for your Neosho rental home. We offer a systematic rent collection that effectively works for us, making our clients happy and stress-free.

neosho property rent collection

By incorporating technology in our payment channels, you and your tenants get to enjoy the conveniences. Easy tracking is possible, especially if you have another rental unit beside your Neosho property.

4. Reliable Property Repairs & Maintenance

For our clients to achieve the right work-life balance, Pro X Property Management makes sure that we perform excellent property repairs and maintenance. We carefully inspect your Neosho rental home and report/recommend vital fixes to guarantee your home’s value. We’re vigilant in looking for signs of damage and responding to tenant maintenance requests. As such, we are on our toes when property maintenance services are requested.

On your own, it can be a handful to manage the physical maintenance of a rental unit. You’re constantly on the move to assess leaks, keep the landscape neat and curb appeal attractive, ensure all the HVAC systems are functional and keep the gutters clean. Our great advantage is we work with reputable long-term contractors that can perform repairs and improvements at a discount.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

For your Neosho rental home, Pro X Property Management provides an online portal so you can easily review vital financial reports. Monthly statements are conveniently displayed, simply by logging in. You’ll never have to worry about losing a paper trail, given that digital copies are always available online.

Having a rental business entails checking your profits and expenses regularly. What better way than having access online for easy retrieval and analysis. What’s more, everything is arranged and properly categorized.

About Neosho, Missouri

Neosho is considered to be a populous city located on the western border of the Ozarks. Its name likely comes from the word Osage that translates to “clear, cold water”. Neosho’s nickname is the “City of Springs” or “the Flower Box City.” The city was established back in 1833.

Residents enjoy staying in Neosho for its rich history, supportive community and natural scenery. It’s family-oriented and offers a tranquil environment with the advantage of being close to big cities and their amenities. Parks are also accessible in Neosho, giving its residents a relaxing atmosphere.

Neosho has 12 springs and tons of parks in its vicinity. It’s a city that’s charming, historical and filled with a warm and friendly community.

Here are interesting places to see in Neosho, Missouri:

  • Longwell Museum
  • Big Spring Park
  • Bicentennial Park
  • Morse Park
  • Neosho Cultural District
  • 1872 Neosho Colored School
  • Newton County Historical Society Museum
  • Neosho Square
  • Neosho Federal Fish Hatchery
  • Antique-ish

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Other than Neosho, we currently manage the following areas in Missouri and Kansas:


Joplin, Carl Junction, Carthage, Oronogo, Webb City


Pittsburg, Frontenac