Becoming a DIY Landlord? 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Due to the high cost of initial unit acquisition, a landlord may think about managing their properties on their own. DIY Landlords are landlords who handle everything themselves.

Before you start earning the money you want from your rentals, property ownership and management have much room for error. Learning to avoid some more prevalent mistakes will help you stay on the right track.

At Pro X Property Management, we’re here to guide do-it-yourself landlords away from some frequent pitfalls. Here are some typical errors that DIY landlords make, along with advice on preventing them.

Failure to Properly Manage Evictions

No property owner wants to deal with evictions as it puts a lot of strain on both parties. However, you might find yourself in a circumstance where it’s required.

Eviction can take place even after years of renting to the same renter. In this situation, it could be challenging for you to evict them when the time comes.

As the landlord, you must apply the terms of the lease to each tenant equally. No matter how long a tenant has been a renter, you shouldn't be afraid to take legal action if necessary.


If you need to file an eviction, locate a local attorney who specializes in evictions. It’s not advised that DIY landlords undertake the legal eviction process alone because it can be complicated. When a problem emerges, seek expert guidance and assistance.

Poor Communication

Since you'll constantly interact with your tenants, communication should be a priority.

You want to avoid disputes that could result in legal action. It's crucial to take this underappreciated skill seriously. Even seasoned landlords can make this error by failing to communicate effectively or by responding too slowly.

Open lines of communication should be maintained in a way that’s agreeable to both landlords and tenants. This might take the shape of a planned meeting or follow-up. With different communication tools at hand, it might also be done online.

Lacking Market Knowledge

Before listing your property, make sure you complete your research.The majority of do-it-yourself landlords look at nearby active listings to gauge pricing before putting their property up for rent. While this might work, you should look at a combination of active and rental postings.

DIY landlords may also neglect to raise the rent every year. They may worry that their tenant will move out or grow angry with them. Most property owners raise rent by as low as 5% to cover rising taxes, maintenance, and insurance.

Failure to Perform a Thorough Property Inspection

Your duty as a property owner is to keep the rental unit in excellent condition.

Although tenants are expected to do minimal maintenance, such as keeping the area clean by placing trash in the appropriate bins, landlords must remain diligent in their obligations by performing regular property inspections.


Regular inspections are one approach to lower tenant complaints. By recognizing the early warning signals of minor damages before they develop into larger problems, you can reduce the expense of repairs.

It’s your duty as the property owner to maintain safety standards and abide by health and safety laws.

Failure to Prepare for Long Term Vacancies

Having a plan prepared is a good idea even though not all landlords may deal with extended vacancies. Landlords lose rental income and may have to use personal funds to pay for various expenses when a rental property sits empty for a lengthy period.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is one method to ensure you’re ready to cover these expenses. Your insurance should cover the costs incurred during the prolonged vacancy.

You may also open a savings account with sufficient money to cover the costs of the rental property for at least three months. You can benefit from prolonged vacancies by making essential repairs and improvements before showing the property to prospective tenants.

Inadequate Tenant Screening

To avoid losing income, property owners will frequently lose a renter and try to find a replacement as soon as possible. Due to this, they may frequently skip the required background checks to find a replacement tenant.

Skipping a thorough interview with your tenant can potentially cause more issues down the line, for example, if they end up having a habit of paying rent late or cause trouble with other tenants.

Inaccurate Rental Pricing

Setting the appropriate rental rate is essential, but it involves more than just considering the size of the unit or choosing a reasonable monthly fee. While the number of bedrooms and living spaces in a unit matter, other factors also need to be considered.


The monthly rent amount is how investors make a monthly rental income. Without conducting any research, trying to determine the appropriate amount could lead to rates being set either too high or too low.

Setting the rent too high can turn away prospective tenants. Establishing your rental rates too low can result in monthly income loss.

To calculate the optimal rental rate for each property, investors must consider nearby properties, the rental's location, and other aspects. Pro X Property Management can provide the research and insights you need if you're unsure as to how to evaluate the market and your home!


While you can initially save money by doing things yourself, there may be expensive problems in the future if you don’t have the experience or tools to prevent them. With Pro X Property Management, we can handle issues and save your time for more important activities.

By choosing Pro X Property Management, you may be sure that the best professionals are working for you and your properties. Get in touch with us for a FREE rental analysis!

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