How to Film a Great Video Tour of Your Rental

A great method to market your vacant rental, and get your property rent ready, is to produce video tours. Virtual or video tours have become highly effective in recent years as they help save time and also let a lot of prospects view your property online. Prospects don’t have to arrange a schedule or make an effort to physically visit your rental property right away.

Additionally, many prospects prefer watching videos nowadays, and it’s easy to promote your rental using this as a marketing vehicle. It’s also easy to create a video tour. You can simply use your phone to film it.

While you may post a lot of property images to attract inquiries, video tours serve another purpose. They increase the exposure of your vacant rental especially when you post it on the highest performing platforms. Pro X Property Management offers you this guide on how to improve your rental prospects by using a video tour:

Plan Your Route

For a seamless video, it’s best to map out your route before filming. This saves a lot of time and makes filming much more efficient. For an effective plan for your marketing video, remember these tips:

planning your tour

  • Before filming, make sure to open all the doors so you can quickly walk in and out of rooms and avoid delays.
  • Capture the curb appeal first since this helps drive more interest from viewers. Onlookers also want to check your entrance areas and how close your property is to its neighbors.
  • Make time to pause before stepping inside the property or the hallway. It allows people to experience stepping into a home virtually.
  • Prioritize filming the best areas of your property right at the start to engage the viewers’ attention.
  • Focus on capturing the kitchen and bathroom areas since more viewers want to see these areas.

Using this type of video is a great way to land quality tenants for your rental property.

Use Natural Light

A home filled with natural light creates a more spacious atmosphere. It’s best then to film in the early part of the day. Morning light has fewer shadows and makes home areas where light touches glow. Remember to open the blinds and curtains as well.

Only Film In Landscape

As any prospect will want to know the size and layout of your property, you should film in landscape. It also creates less distortion in the rooms compared to using the portrait format.

Film Slowly

To make your virtual tour successful, film slowly round the property for the best viewing. Place yourself at the corner of each room so you can film the general size and layout of the unit. This ensures you capture all the different parts of your home properly.

film from corner

Keep it Short

As much as you may want to discuss every possible feature of your rental home, it’s best to keep it short. Aim at keeping your video tour to less than 3 minutes. This means that your viewers’ attention is still focused, and they can still re-watch some parts of the film where they’re interested.

Adjust to Requests

Your viewers are potential tenants, so should they reach out to ask for a film video of a rental, make sure to give in to their requests. You can welcome any inquiries and provide more details. Stay flexible and you never know where your next renter will come from.

Focus on Quality Audio

Even if the video is filmed well, audio quality can make or break it. So, you should pick someone with a pleasant and clear voice to talk about the rental property. When incorporating background music, ensure that it does not overpower the video.

Write and Introduction and Conclusion

Be straightforward when delivering an introduction. Focus on the property features and highlight the best ones. Also, make sure to have a sign off or conclusion that includes a call to action or contact details. Additionally, you should add captions so the audience can understand clearly.

into and outro

Stage the Room

Before filming, you should maintain a clutter-free and immaculate space. A clean rental leaves a good impression. Pay attention to the lighting as well so the result of the film is better. Check to see if there are distracting items on the property that you can remove. Viewers’ attention must be focused on the unit and the great amenities you provide.

Bottom Line

Even if video tours are excellent vehicles for marketing, they still perform a different function to professional images. Both should be available to work in to deliver the best results.

Having a video tour can also be more convenient since you never know how much it can be shared on social platforms. When you create a property listing, it’s best to attach both high-definition images and a video tour for prospects to watch.

Video tours are effective since they can showcase your property in its best light and separate the audience who are interested to rent from those who are uncertain. When the ones who saw the video arrange for a property showing, you can be sure that they liked what they saw in the film.

If you’re looking for an excellent property manager to oversee the needs of your rental home, contact Pro X Property Management LLC.

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